Graduate School

Photo of Godwin Nwadibia Aja DrPH
Professor of Health Promotion/Education; MPH Program Advisor
Photo of Evelyn Almocera MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Health Throughout the Life Cycle
Photo of Chirlynor Calbayan DrPH, RND
Assistant Professor of Preventive Health Care, Nutrition
Photo of Leni Casimiro PhD
Education Department Chair; Director of AIIAS Online; Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Hesell Delfin MEM
Instructor Librarian, Educational Management
Photo of Gabriela Alina Dumitrescu PhD
Director for English Center; Assistant Professor of Academic Writing and Educational Psychology
Photo of Megumi Sol Flores MLIS/MA Educ.
Associate Librarian, Instructor of Library Administration
Photo of Lyra Ilagan MLIS
Instructor Librarian, Academic Library
Photo of Ginger Ketting-Weller PhD
President; Associate Professor of Education
Photo of David Lumowa PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance; Academic Advisor for MBA Online and MSA Online
Photo of Raimond Luntungan PhD Candidate
Academic Advisor for MBA and MSA; Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology, Information Systems, and Management
Photo of Richard Nelson MD MS FRSPH
Professor; Public Health Department Interim Chair
Photo of Kepha Pondi PhD
Assistant Professor of Research Methodology and Finance
Photo of LeRoy Ruhupatty PhD
Business Department Chair; Associate Professor of Financial Accounting
Photo of Kenneth Swansi PhD
Dean of the Graduate School; Business Department Chairperson; Associate Professor of Management and Economics
Photo of Ivonne Szamko MD, MPH
Consultant, Lifestyle Medicine
Photo of Jasmin Tuapin PhD
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Photo of Jim C Weller PhD
Academy Principal; Assistant Professor of School Leadership