Theological Seminary

Photo of Ricardo Gonzalez PhD

Ricardo Gonzalez, , PhD

Dean of the Seminary; Associate Professor of Theological-Historical Studies

Biographical Info


  • BA in Theology (Chile Adventist University)
  • Licenciatura en Teología (Chile Adventist University)
  • MPT (River Plate University, Argentina)
  • PhD (AIIAS, Philippines)


Ricardo A. Gonzalez started his formal theological training in Chile. At Chile Adventist University, he completed a bachelor’s degree and a Licenciatura in theologia. In 2000, he completed his Master’s degree in Pastoral Theology at River Plate University in Argentina. Early in 2003, he moved to the Philippines to complete his PhD in Religion with emphasis in Historical-Theological Studies degree. His pastoral experience includes a variety of roles such as dormitory dean, school chaplain, district pastor, senior pastor at Chile Adventist University Church, ministerial secretary, mission president, dean of the School of Theology, president of Chile Adventist University, and conference secretary at the Central-South Chile Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In 2016, he joined AIIAS as dean of the Theological Seminary. He is married to Nery and they have two grown children, Constanza who is a psychologist and Felipe who also serves the church in the area of finance.

Recent/Upcoming Publications:

In 2015, Dr. Gonzalez published a book based on his doctoral dissertation entitled, The Making of a Church: Ellen G. White´s Views on Church Government, 1844-1888. He is also writing for the forthcoming Seventh-day Adventist Theological Dictionary.