Mission Statement

To develop service-oriented professionals known for integrity and scholarship in the fields of Business, Education, and Public Health, within an international context.

Vision Statement

To be the internationally recognized model for Christian graduate education in Business, Education, and Public Health.

Professional Competencies

AIIAS Graduate School candidates

  1. Serve society and the Adventist Church with high integrity.
  2. Promote and participate in the mission of the Church.
  3. Are effective leaders in their selected area of expertise.
  4. Manifest commitment to life-long learning.
  5. Address issues from an international perspective.
  6. Provide quality service in the context of their own culture.
  7. Are critical and creative thinkers who will serve as catalysts for needed change.
  8. Promote inclusiveness and team building.

Entry Competencies

All students in the Graduate School are expected to be proficient in Word Processing and basic math competencies.

Public Health Programs

Master of Public Health

Emphasis in Health Ministry  

Emphasis in Health Promotion 

Emphasis in Nutrition 

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Business Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

Master of Business Administration

Emphasis in Management

Emphasis in Finance

Emphasis in Information Technology


Master of Science (MSA) in Administration

Emphasis in Church Administration

Emphasis in Management Studies

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

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