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Mission Statement

The AIIAS Theological Seminary exists to equip mission-driven professional teachers and other church leaders in a wholistic, multicultural, and collaborative approach to learning. The Seminary promotes biblically informed scholarship, spirituality, and meaningful field experience.

Vision Statement

The Seminary endeavors to be globally recognized as a center for research excellence in theology and mission: a place where personal faith is strengthened, biblical understanding sharpened, and a sense of mission embraced.

Goals of the Seminary

  1. Be an influential Adventist voice.
  2. Provide competent human resources for the world church.
  3. Engage in the international, regional, and local communities relevant to the mission of the church.
  4. Foster high academic standards and practice.
  5. Respond to student needs in a supportive way.
  6. Provide essential support systems.
  7. Obtain additional international accreditation.

Core Graduate Profile

Upon completion of their degree programs, graduates of the Theological Seminary will 

  • Demonstrate the attributes and skills of competent spiritual leaders, including a sense of divine call and communion with God, a compassionate and accepting relationship with other people, personal integrity, and a balanced judgment. 
  • Successfully manage religious programs, personnel, finances, and facilities in a diverse cultural environment.
  • Promote and participate in the global mission of the church.
  • Inspire and facilitate personal ministry growth through a commitment to life-long learning.
  • Initiate critical and creative thinking, serving as a catalyst for advancement and growth. 
  • Demonstrate competence in communicating through the printed medium biblically based responses to contemporary cultural, ethical, and theological issues and challenges.


Seminary Professional Programs

Professional Programs

Graduate Certificate in Ministry

Master of Ministry

Master of Divinity 

Master of Arts in Ministry

  Emphasis in Intercultural Studies

Doctor of Ministry

  Emphasis in Church Ministry

  Emphasis in Church Mission

  Emphasis in Church Leadership

Doctor of Missiology

Seminary Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Master of Arts in Religion

  Major in Biblical Studies

  Major in Biblical Languages 

  Major in Old Testament 

  Major in New Testament 

  Major in Theological-Historical Studies 

  Major in Christian Theology 

  Major in Church History 

  Major in Adventist Studies 

  Major in Mission

  Major in Church Ministry 

  Major in Intercultural Studies 

  Major in Church Leadership and Management

Master of Theology

  Major in Old Testament

  Major in New Testament

  Major in Theological Studies

  Major in Historical Studies

  Major in Intercultural Studies and World Mission

  Major in Church Ministry and Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion

  Major in Old Testament

  Major in New Testament

  Major in Theological Studies

  Major in Historical Studies

  Intercultural Studies and World Mission 

  Major in Church Ministry and Leadership

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