Dear prospective PhD student, 

We are delighted that you are considering the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) as a place for your education. AIIAS is an international Seventh-day Adventist institution specializing in graduate and post-graduate degrees. AIIAS prepares a student to be teachers, scholars, and researchers for institutions of higher learning. 

In this introductory document, we want to give you some essential information as you prepare your materials for the admission process. For a full listing of all requirements and policies, please see our Academic Bulletin.


AIIAS was founded in 1986 to accommodate the needs of a growing Seventh-day Adventist educational system. AIIAS stands on four core values of Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Faith. Our goal is for you to develop in your faithfulness to God and Scripture, to give you a comprehensive foundation in your area of concentration, and to make you competent as teachers, researchers, and professionals. 

Due to the history of AIIAS, its location, and development, AIIAS is a very diverse international campus with faculty and students from more than 70 countries. This intercultural setting gives a rich and diverse learning experience in and out of the classroom. 

Admission Process

In order to facilitate your admission process and help you understand the rationale for these policies, we want to highlight the following:


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