Creator, Creation, & Creativity was the theme of this year’s Science Fair. Students from 35 different countries represented in the AIIAS Academy filled the AIIAS Gymnasium with exhibits during the Science Fair on January 24, 2017.

“This is the first step we have taken as an Academy to move forward in exploring science to the detail, not just in facts and figures, but to reflect God’s idea behind this wonderful creation and appreciate [His] creativity.” said Ranjith Kingston, teacher and coordinator of the event.

AIIAS Academy students ranging from kindergarten up to the 11th grade came together to showcase various projects from colorful artwork, simple diagrams, intricate dioramas, to chemical experiments.

“This Science fair is an exciting experience for me because I get to learn many new things and many new experiments. I get to learn how to use simple things in life to become useful and practical,” described Rachel Sumendap, AIIAS Academy 8th Grade student.

As young as these students are, they have been equipped with advanced knowledge as some of the items in the exhibit are based on lessons that are presently being taught in the tertiary level. This builds an opportunity and foundation in preparation for their future.

The esteemed judges of the event were among the teachers of AIIAS Academy and selected professors who taught in the postgraduate level. They gave scores within a certain criteria as each student explained the importance and process of their creation.

“I went around and learned many things… The kids are thinking beyond the box, life applications about how we trust God and understand the Bible in a different, simple, and deep way," mentioned Youssry Guirguis, parent and participating judge.

The Science Fair is an annual event of the AIIAS Academy, a school that provides quality Seventh-day Adventist Christian education for the children of the Seventh-day Adventist employees in its immediate geographic area and for the children of the students of AIIAS.

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