The sixth annual forum of the Asian Association Theological Society (AATS) focused on “The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days”. Presenters discussed various topics on how the Holy Spirit works in every individual of the church in order to accomplish the tasks entrusted by Christ.

Pr. Jose Manuel Espero, AATS President for year 2016-2017 stated, “At this moment of time, the Holy Spirit must be sincerely invoked to live in and guide everyone’s lives to prepare oneself and a people for the coming of the Lord.”

Many of the presentations held during the meetings on June 9-10, 2017 focused on the spiritual gifts and miracles performed through the Holy Spirit. There is also a greater need for the Holy Spirit at this time in reaching out to souls for their salvation, as well as an intellectual study on the Holy Spirit and the work he does in each individual.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Ron Clouzet, Northern Asia-Pacific Division Ministerial Secretary, appealed, “Christ waits patiently for his church to let Him in…that by faith refined by love, the righteousness of Christ and the discernment of the spirit [will be] so that the loud cry of the latter rain may finish God’s work with power and God’s glory.”

Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS President, challenged the Asian presenters and attendees to contribute to Asian voices in matters of theology. He said, “it is forums like this that help the churches of Asia grow in their theological understandings but also inspires our leaders and institutions to provide the theological resources that are urgently needed in Asia, in the languages and perspectives of this region.”

Photo credit: Jose Manuel Espero

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