During a special service at the AIIAS church, guest speaker, Elder Ted N.C. Wilson, president, Seventh-day Adventist world headquarters, graced the occasion through a timely message about pressing forward in the great Advent movement and the gospel commission in preparation for our journey to heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This service was in conjunction with the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) Year End Meetings.

SSD Featured the work of two missionary organizations, the 1000 Missionary Movement and the SULADS (Socio-economic Uplift, Literacy, Anthropological, and Developmental Services) during the Sabbath worship held at the AIIAS Auditorium on November 4, 2017.

The offerings taken at the AIIAS Church on Sabbath were given to support the ministries of the 1000 Missionary Movement and the SULADS as these young missionaries dedicate their lives for the work of the Lord in the unreached people groups of the world.

Wilson reinforced the importance of outreach in his message. Wilson also emphasized that, “Christ has already won the victory. Christ has delivered us from the many challenges and the church itself will appear as the Spirit of Prophecy says ‘about to fall, but will not’. It will go on to glory and to victory. Don’t be afraid of what you may face in the future. Jesus is leading the way and we are going home.”

Photo credit: Ghandi Gandees

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