The AIIAS community gathered to attend one of the most-awaited events held yearly–the Cultural Night.

The cultural program on the evening of November 19, 2017 showcased the theme “Your Hue, Our Color”. Through music, dance, and various portrayals, the participants were able to show the unity of different tribes and nations present in AIIAS as recognized by specific colors that identify the aspects of identity, history, natural resources, and national flags of individual communities.

At present, the AIIAS student body consists of families from 11 regions and countries around the world namely African, Latin, Southern Asia, Myanmar, Thai, International, South Pacific, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Filipino. Some of these communities are a combination of multiple countries within a region.

The annual Cultural Night is an event filled with various presentations prepared by selected representatives from the communities of AIIAS. The cultural program helps to increase one’s knowledge and to have an enhanced understanding about the diverse regions, places, languages, religions, practices, and cultures that exist around the world.


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