Each academic year, AIIAS Board and Administration recognizes and gives Academic Publication and Presentation awards to faculty and staff who have either authored a book or written in a journal; published an article in a magazine or journal; presented a scholarly paper in an academic or professional venue; made a book review in a scholarly journal; or published translated work.

During the AIIAS Board and Employee Banquet on May 1, 2018, the Academic Publication and Presentation awards were presented to the following 19 AIIAS faculty and staff for their scholarly work in 2017:

Dr. Evelyn Almocera Mr. Ranjith Gladstone
Mrs. Heidi Campbell Mr. Donie Ver Medalla
Dr. Michael Campbell Dr. Eike Mueller
Dr. Leni Casimiro Dr. Arceli Rosario
Dr. Teofilo Correa Mr. Bruce Sumendap
Dr. Dioi Cruz Mrs. Vanlalhruaii Swansi
Dr. Abner Dizon Dr. Remwil Tornalejo
Dr. Cristian Dumitrescu Dr. Maria Cornejo
Mrs. Megumi Flores Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka
Dr. Prema Gaikwad  

Summary of the awards presented for scholarly work:

39 Level-4 awards (19 for publications, 20 for presentations)

10 Level-3 awards (7 for publications, 3 for presentations)

9 Level-2 awards (8 for publications, 1 for presentations)

23 Level-1 awards (11 for publications, 12 for presentations)

This year, AIIAS has given awards for more books than ever in the history of AIIAS. There were 6 scholarly books published by AIIAS faculty: 1 was by Dr. Evelyn Almocera, 2 were by Dr. Michael Campbell, 1 was by Dr. Teofilo Correa, and 2 by Dr. Abner Dizon.

“Many of the faculty and staff have also contributed in terms of in-service programs, supporting research endeavors, recognizing those who are running the foreground, and those who have the vision to initiate programs such as AQRA, Preaching Lectureship, or some other activities that give opportunity for scholarship to take place, to show to the other people what takes place at AIIAS. Thank you for working together to make AIIAS what it is.” announced Dr. Dolf Oberholster, Vice President for Academic Administration

The following faculty for the Seminary that has gone through the vetting process for the Seventh-day Adventist Church were re-endorsed as recommendations to the Board of the Ministerial Elect of Education: Dr. Carlos Mora, Dr. Cristian Dumitrescu, Dr. Reuel Almocera, Dr. Kyungho Song, and Dr. Remwil Tornalejo.


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