About 40 student leaders from the student association, academic clubs, country and regional groups in AIIAS gave their commitment to serve the community on July 5, 2019, Friday, at the Vespers program in Siew Huy Auditorium.

A special commitment prayer by seminary faculty, Dr. Olaotse Gabasiane, followed after a message by graduate school faculty, Dr. Samuel Gaikwad who encouraged student leaders to “lead by exemplifying Christ.”

“You are not a leader because you are the most capable to lead, but because God has given you this opportunity to serve,” Dr. Gaikwad said. He continued by emphasizing that even the best leaders should display humility and avoid the know-it-all attitude. “As leaders, you should sometimes know when to stand out of the way.”

On hand to present the leaders was vice president for student services, Dr. Bryan Sumendap, whose office oversees the on-campus student activities and student life.

The AIIAS student association elects their student leaders each year including a team of yearbook editors. Student professional clubs in AIIAS include the AIIAS Business Club (ABC), Education Student Association (EDSA), and Public Health Club.

Students also group themselves according to the countries or geographical regions that they represent. 


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