AIIAS is still accepting students for both on-campus face-to-face classes and online programs.

While the institution is currently under extended community quarantine (ECQ) as declared by the president of the Philippines, the administration believes that it is likely that by the August 10 start date, the region will either be under General Community Quarantine guidelines, or quarantine will have ended. Either of the options allows face-to-face classes to meet for the higher education level. 

No student has been turned away or denied admission into Seminary, Graduate School, nor the English Center. Admission applications sent by July 6, 2020, for the first semester classes are being considered and qualified applicants are receiving their acceptance. As previously announced, the application fee is waived for new applicants if they plan to enroll at least by the second semester of January 2021.

AIIAS Administration is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 updates from the national, provincial, and municipality governments. The institution is also closely following the policies stipulated by the national and local government units (LGUs) to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Should the government announce an extension of the quarantine period that affects regular class schedules, AIIAS will post an announcement and provide scenarios to continually ensure the protection and health of our students and personnel, including the online delivery of courses.

As of the release of this news story, there has been no case of COVID-19 inside the walled AIIAS campus, which is home to more than 300 people. Campus residents are observing the “stay-at-home” policy, 2-meter physical distancing, and the wearing of masks when away from home. Families are encouraged to spend time outdoors for physical exercise and exposure to sunlight, and in harmony with government recommendations, many have been active in vegetable gardening.

Please continue to pray that God will provide guidance and wisdom as AIIAS leaders plan in faith for the future.

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